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11/07/2014 - A-level Results Day - Thursday 14th August 2014

Results will be distributed at Derby Moor in the Main Hall from 8.00am to 11.30am

15/08/2013 - A-Level Results 2013

The 2013 Millennium Centre A Level results are excellent.

  • The pass rate is 99.5%
  • 28% of all entries gained A*- A grade
  • 60% of all entries gained an A*- B grade
  • 85% of all entries gained an A*- C grade

Well done!

22/02/2012 - Changes to the Millennium Centre

We would like to keep you informed about some important changes to the organisation of the Sixth Form. Please note that these changes do not affect the current Year 11 students who may have applied to the Millennium Centre for September 2012 entry. Students currently in the Millennium Centre will also be unaffected by the changes.

Since it was established, The Millennium Centre has developed into a renowned centre of excellence, recognised by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’. We are particularly proud that, by working together, we have enabled many hundreds of students to achieve the A Level grades necessary for them to fulfill their ambitions for higher education and employment.

We have now reached the stage where both Littleover and Derby Moor feel ready to take the next step in our development. We each have our own plans for the future, and believe that a different approach, which recognises the diverse aspirations of our two schools, will help us both to reach our goals.

From September 2013, Derby Moor Community Sports College and Littleover Community School will recruit students separately into Year 12, rather than jointly as has been the case previously. Each school will be fully in charge of its own curriculum and pastoral provision for these students, and for subsequent year groups.

Our new arrangements will have many benefits for the students of both schools. Most importantly, we will be able to develop our own Sixth Forms in line with our own strengths and aspirations, building on the excellent provision of each school in Years 7 to 11, as well as the proud track record of the Millennium Centre. The change does not mean the end of the Millennium Partnership. The two independent Sixth Forms will collaborate on many issues, and in particular we will maintain many opportunities for students from the two partner schools to mix and to work together. There may also be some shared teaching, where this could be of benefit to both schools, and ongoing sharing of staff development work.

Both schools are equally committed to the changes, and we look forward to continuing our outstanding provision of post-16 education. In fact, we plan to widen and strengthen opportunities for students at both schools. We will continue to work together in the interests of all our students, and look forward to an even better future for both schools and our sixth forms.

A. Venkatesh
Littleover Community School

W. Whelan
Derby Moor Community Sports College

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